Karan Patel Talks About Ankita Bhargava And Marriage And "HoneyMoon"

The ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ star - Karan Patel – has embarked on a new journey with fiancée Ankita Bhargava and is now looking forward to seal the deal in May 2015. Read on to know what facts he shared with Pinkvilla.com about his love life, marriage and much more.
Congratulations Karan for finding your life partner in Ankita. Please begin by sharing the circumstances that brought you face to face.
We were arranged to be in love. We met through our families and within hours of meeting each other, we realised that we wanted to spend a lifetime together. Some things take time to happen and when it does you just know it that was the case with us too.
What were her thoughts for you in the beginning?
We both took the same time to decide so I am guessing it was as noble as mine. I never really asked her but if it was any other thought I wouldn’t be answering this question right. (smiles)
What qualities in Ankita make you feel that she is a wife material?
She cares, she loves unconditionally and that I know because I’ve seen her behave towards her parents and most importantly she chooses family over everything else. What more could I ask for in a life partner. She is perfect.
Please share us about your wedding plans.
Wedding happens early next month. We have a sangeet, a small party planned with friends and pheras on the 3rd of May. It’s all going to happen in Mumbai itself and it’s something not just Ankita and I but all my friends and family are looking forward to. I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life.
What all preparations are going on for the nuptials?
Everything is being taken care of by families am shooting for two shows YHM and hosting ‘Gumrah’ and soon I’d be hosting ‘Nach Baliye 7’. So, honestly there has been no time to do anything else. I am just working round the clock so I get a few days off before and after the wedding. This means you would have to ask my parents about the wedding plans.
How does it feel to have Ankita in your life?
Blessed !! Happy !! Content !!
Any plans for the honeymoon?
That I would divulge soon. For now let it remain a secret.

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