Top 10 Scenes Featuring Drunk Characters in Television Serials

Here's a dekko at the most memorable moments on Indian Television in the recent past that featured actors in a drunken state.

Riddhima drinks bhang and some funny moments ensue. This was one of the most funny episode of Dill Mill Gayye.

When Kashish gets married to Piyush, a heartbroken Sujal recalls his past with her and gets drunk. However, Kashish gets sad to witness Sujal in an inebriated state.

Khushi serves bhang to her family. Shyam plans to get Khushi drunk to learn about the reason behind her sudden marriage with Arnav. Anjali tricks Khushi into drinking bhang.

Aahil who had stopped drinking, gets completely drunk in order to forget the pain that Sanam has caused to him. His servant Latif tries to stop him.

Raman gives the drink to Ishita to pacify her cough. However, Ishita becomes intoxicated. Later, Raman learns that Ishita has consumed alcohol. He makes Ishita stand under the shower.

Asad and Zoya get drunk and start laughing by making fun of each-other. They also enjoy a rain dance.

Maan is drunk and he tells Geet about his feelings towards her. Geet recalls the moment.

Pragya speaks to Pammi Tai in an intoxicated state. She expresses all her feelings in the funny scene.

Nandini to drink the spiked drink... Manik and Nandini left alone.

 Zain and Aaliya get drunk and share some romantic as well as emotional moments in the drunk state

Top 10 Scenes Featuring Drunk Characters in Television Serials.........

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