Divyanka Tripathi puts her foot down, refuses to accept Karan Patel’s tardiness!

Actors Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel have been sharing a good rapport off-screen for a long time. However, Karan’s habit of reporting late to work on the set of ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ had been one thing Divyanka did not approve of inwardly.
About four weeks ago, Divyanka had shared a picture of hers with Karan on Instagram to make a mild complain about his unpunctuality. She captioned it:"Ignore the gal... Gaur se dekho is Aadmi ko... yahi hai wo jo ek apaahij co-actress ko 4-5 hrs wait karata hai." So, initially, she bore Karan’s tardiness by not making a fuss but recently it got too much to handle for the actress.
A daily reports that when Karan arrived late for work on two consecutive days, Divyanka told her production house that she would start from home only when Karan reaches the set. A source told the daily that for the 9 am shoot, Karan reported at 12 pm. “So, Divyanka came at around 12.45. The first shot was canned at 4 pm as the actor chose to sleep in his room,” told the source to the daily.
Moreover, the whole affair took a different turn when Karan learnt about Divyanka’s condition about her reporting time. He got so put off to know that Divyanka would reach the set only once he reports, that he declined to leave his vanity van, thus, stalling the shooting. As a result, to solve the issue, the producers had to make use of two officials just to put an end to the ego war between the actors. Initially, the two kept accusing each other, but later, they sorted the issue amicably.

source: TOI/ instagram


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