Bhabho does Sandhya’s “shradhh” to erase all her memories; Sandhya gets abducted by Naxals!

Till now we saw Sandhya being considered as dead by her husband’s family after her charred body was returned by the police officers. The show takes a three-month-leap after that and Sandhya is shown hands-in-glove with Officer Bharat (Jiten Lalwani) hiding in a different land and planning to take forward Mission Mahabali. They decide to get amidst the Garjana Sangathan which is a gang of naxals to finish their terror in the region. As per Bharat’s directive, Sandhya reaches a temple located near the naxal hideout and pretends to be Himanshu’s fiancee Sagarika Das. Bharat and his team spreads the news about Sagarika’s arrival to the temple to offer prayers so that the naxals (Garjana Sangathan) get alert about her presence. The naxals hear from sources that the police will be soon questioning Sagarika to find out hidden facts she may be knowing. They decide to abduct Sagarika from the temple before the police could take her in its custody.
A trustworthy man called Chandu approaches Sandhya in disguise at the temple and causes mayhem in the temple. He picks Sandhya on his shoulder and carries her away to the naxal hideout.
On the other hand, Zakir (Neil Bhatt), who still does not know that Sandhya is alive, brings her medals and other honours bestowed on her by the government to the Rathis. He gets shocked to see Bhabho performing Sandhya’sshradhh by throwing away all things related to her. Bhabho throws Sandhya’s medals by calling her good for the country, never for the family. She expresses disgust for Sandhya’s loyalty towards her duty which left her family deprived for good. We also see Suraj in a state of shock due to Sandhya’s death and as a result behaving as if she is still alive. Mohit, who was chucked out of the house by Bhabho, has returned home and is living with Emily now. However, it is not clear whether or not he has made peace with her.
In the upcoming episode, we will see the members of Garjana Sangthan interrogating Sandhya by torturing her. To know how Sandhya deals with them, keep watching this space.
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