Rishina Kandhari goes the Salman Khan way!

Gym buff Rishina Kandhari has been cycling her way to the gym these days. The actress prefers spinning and warm up exercises before commencing her usual workout routine.
However, cycling on the road outside seems more interesting to her. According to the actress, it also burns more calories than spinning.
However, Rishina’s new obsession instantly reminded us of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan who has been often spotted cycling on Mumbai roads to maintain his perfect bod.
So, is Rishina following his footsteps” "Nope", clarifies Rishina, adding, "I am a fan of Salman. I love cycling from many years, not because of Salman. I always had a cycle. Every Sunday I play with my daughter. Instead of running behind her, I prefer enjoying bike ride along with her. Earlier, it was for once or twice a week but now I've decided to go gym on cycle. Given a choice, I will always prefer cycling or walking over car.”
The actress was taught cycling by one of her cousins. She also has vivid memory of her childhood. "I used to go to my school bus stop on cycle and our watchman would take back cycle home. While returning, the watchman would again wait at the bus stop with cycle and I used to ride to my home."
And, the benefits are for all to see as Rishina does not look like a mother of a 7-year-old. "When you are fit, you look younger than age. Feel young and look young is my mantra", explains Rishina. "I am a happy-go-lucky person. Ups and downs are a part of life but I don't let my emotions take a hold of me. Active people are less troubled. I am adventurous and like wild things. However busy I will be with work and family things, I find at least one hour of 'Me' time in a day. It's essential. And above all, I love myself,” she concludes.
source:  pinkvilla


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