‘Bigg Boss 9’ Teaser 4: Salman Khan’s wacky dialogues make it fun!

The countdown to the ninth season of ‘Bigg Boss’ has just begun and how wilfully we are eyeing October 11 – the day when the show will go on air! To amp-up the excitement further, the makers just came out with an all new teaser-trailer featuring who else but Salman Khan. The teaser is meant to lift the veil of mystery around the “double-trouble” theme and make the viewers more acquainted with it. The promo shows Salman talking about the same ol’ issue faced by the contestants in every season. In every season, the contestants feel lonely and frustrated when they find hostility growing around in the BB house. So, to solve this recurring awesome issue, the makers did some vichaar and decided to make the contestants hang around in pairs so that it ends up increasing their mutual pyaar! How novel! We’re not sure whether it will foster mutual fondness, but there are high chances that it will cause “double trouble” for sure. Here goes the promo for you



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