Giaa Manek talks about her 'secret admirer'

To play the part of a ‘secret admirer’, where you’ve to get your crush’s attention and spark a sizzling romance is something very unique.
Have you ever longingly admired your crush from a distance? Well, our favourite TV actress, Giaa Manek, has also come across such a situation.
The chirpy actress had an admirer when she was in school! Giaa said “When I was in the 7th or 8th standard, there was someone who used to send me love letters. I don’t know who he was and from where he got to know my address, but he used to always send me a very cute letter, along with a red rose. Every card had a rose attached to it. They were very simple letters, but sweetly written. I still feel bad that I never got to know who the person was. I wish I get to know him some day.”
Awww… isn’t it too cute?


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